Intuit Accountants News Central

Unsurprisingly as the blog of one of the few major corporations in our list, Intuit’s Firm of the Future blog blends polished presentation and readability with tech and cloud accounting tips for forward looking accountants. Check out the blog’s many subsections up top to see the full extent of the site’s offerings: efficiency, growth, client relationships, training and CPE, and product and industry news.

Blogs Every Accountant Should Be Reading

1. Accounting Coach If you need straightforward, no-nonsense guide on all your accounting questions, the Accounting Coach is an excellent resource. It houses info that dates back to 2003, and has a wide readership of over 80,000 newsletter subscribers and 14,000 Facebook fans. 2. Accountant By Day Kellen, the woman behind this popular blog, writes musings about accounting, personal finance, and everyday life of an auditor and tax accountant. Her blog used to be called