In this post we will discuss the new feature that has been in AWS BACKUP Service where in users would be able to configure the backup of EC2 Instances.

Earlier, AWS Backup Service only allowed to configure the backup of EBS volumes but not the complete EC2 Instance.

AWS Backup is a fully managed, centralized backup service to simplify the process of backup and restoration of AWS EBS,RDS or Dynamo DB and Storage Gateway.

After having all the feedback collected by the customers and users all around the globe, AWS has finally launched the feature to configure the back up of EC2 Instances.

The process of backing up and restoring the EC2 instance is different from that of the EBS Volumes because to restore the instance, we will have to restore all the EBS Volumes, and also have to recreate the instance identically. and that too with the instance type,VPC, Security Groups and IAM role etc.

With the capability of backing up an entire EC2 instance, now we can protect all the EBS volumes attached to an instance.

After taking the backup of an EC2 instance, we can easily restore the backup while also editing all the parameters using the console or via command line.

To see the detailed step by step procedure of configuring the backup, Please see below video.

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