Take free online training and free cloud computing courses to give your career a boost and excel in one of the most talked about technology.

We all have questions in our mind.

How can I learn Cloud Computing for Free ?

How do I start learning cloud computing ?

Which cloud certification is best of begineers ?

What skills do you need for cloud comouting ?

We will discuss all the queries mentioned above with all the other queries also in the subsequent posts that will be published on this blog but the topic of this post is to how to learn cloud computing for free.

In today’s world anyone can learn anything by the comfort of home with a laptop and an internet connection.

There are some websites which provide free courses on Cloud Computing but most of the websites are like textbooks which readout the content from the articles and do not explain the working of the topics and explain the scenarios.

Not all the free cloud computing courses are good and not all of them are bad but you have to make sure that the course gives you the hands on knowledge and covers all the practical scenarios and is able to relate every topic and explain the usage in the production scenario.

The answer you are probably looking for are the courses available at discusscloudcomputing courses page.

You can either go for AZURE courses or AWS Courses.

Or if you are already familiar with AZURE & AWS cloud computing topics then you can enroll for free on AZURE and AWS Devops courses.



And if you want to read more of the product documentation , then you can visit the AWS or AZURE official documentation and get more deep knowledge about the different products and components.

Its never too late to start anything .

It does not matter if you are a fresher of if you have 10 plus years of experience but if you are not aware of cloud computing then starting with any cloud would be a good idea.

Please do not waste any more time and deciding which cloud would be good to jump in.

If you ask me, then any cloud is good because once you have the idea about the terminology and concepts in any cloud then it would be very easy to relate your existing knowledge to other cloud because you already know the functionalty of the different components used in the cloud.

Sign up now HERE and enjoy leaning cloud computing for free.

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