The operation ‘Delete server endpoint’ failed while unregistered the server from Storage Sync Service.

In the scenario where you have either removed the server or the on-premises server is crashed and we are trying to delete the Server Endpoint from the Sync Groups in the Storage Sync Service.

Detailed Error would be as below :

Server endpoint deletion failedServer endpoint ‘FileServerLocal’
Code: MgmtServerJobExpired
Details: The operation ‘Delete server endpoint’ failed with the following error: The server did not pick up the new configuration. Check if the server is turned off, or is having service connectivity issues. If the server has been decommissioned, unregister the server. Additional information: Operation identifier: 980383fd-055a-4778-9d69-2ea27fc305ed Server identifier: 3533c619-af41-4d5c-9864-244c301f5144 Error code: 0x80C87013 MgmtServerJobExpired.

In this Scenario the Solution would be to first unregistered the server from the Registered Servers section under Sync from the Azure Portal.

To unregister the server, we would have to follow as shown below.

You will see the notification as below.

After the successful unregistration of the server, we can delete the server endpoint from the Sync Group.

The server endpoint would not show the server name now.

After that we can delete the cloud endpoint also.

You will see the progress on the notifications bar.

Finally, you will be able to delete the Cloud Endpoint and delete the Sync Group and after proceed with the deletion of Storage Sync Service.

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